Pants and leggings, a must-have element of every outfit.

Made of soft organic cotton, they are perfect for everyday use - they are comfortable, do not restrict movement and look beautiful. 

Thanks to the many options available, everyone will choose the model that is right for them!

  • all-over printed pants - colorful, comfortable, with a drawstring at the waist and pockets for small treasures
  • basic pants – for lovers of minimalism; they match everything and, just like our classic model with a print, they have a drawstring at the waist and two pockets
  • cargo pants - for those who can't leave home without a million little things or like to bring souvenirs from their walks; apart from the hip pockets, they have two additional pockets that can fit everything
  • basic leggings – our absolute bestseller; the most comfortable in the world, and they are perfect not only for everyday use, but also for winter as an additional layer, e.g. under overalls
  • all-over printed leggings - they have all the advantages of basic leggings, but also delight with beautiful prints that your Little Explorer will love.

All DEAR SOPHIE products are designed and entirely manufactured in Poland in local factories by people we know and trust.